Crissy Duarte’s Baby Shower 2018

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My baby shower was on September 15th, 2018! There was such an outpour of support for Me, Graham and our little nugget. A lot of people had vacations planned around this time. Which reminds me that in my pre-baby days I was somewhere on the Caribbean somewhere. I definitely miss traveling, but it's just one of the many sacrifices I will make as a mom. We have definitely had our adventures. It certainly hasn't stopped either, even with our baby. Because we were inviting so many people to our baby shower, we finally let the cat out of the bag that not only are we having a baby, but we have also been filming a TV show!
Our ENTIRE pregnancy is going to be documented from start to finish! I can't wait to give more details about the show when it officially airs. Me and Graham, along with other couples and families have been logging our pregnancy and soon to be birth experiences.
We were so overwhelmed with gifts! Heres a picture of how everything looked once it got home. 
 There was no shortage of EXTRA at our baby shower. My sister even bought me a tiara! And Graham had a little ribbon that sad "Dad to Be"
I really wanted a nice sign in. So I thought it would be really nice to have everyone sign the side of a maternity shot I had. This will hang over my sons nursery crib. Its so sweet to read everything everyone wrote. Cherished memories. 
 My cake was absolutely amazing. A wonderful talented woman that I will try to link on this blog did it for me. I found the perfect cake on pinterest and she did it EXACTLY how i wanted it. 
So many people came. Needless to say, we went all OUT! People have been waiting a long time for me and Graham to have children. I always knew I never wanted children. My husband however, was so passionate about having a family with children. It wasn't until I birthed and lost our precious daughter that I realized I could be a mom. And that if my relationship has the resilience to handle losing a child, it could handle having one. 
 ALL THE GRANDPARENTS. Life is so short, I don't and never will have a picture with all my grandparents. So it was really important that I have one for my son. You just never know what can happen. 
 My dad never comes to anything, but he was at my baby shower. 
It was so awesome to have Graham's (well mine too) aunt and kids. It worked out so well because his cousin Tony's son was going to have a birthday get together. So I celebrated his birthday after as well! He is the sweetest little boy ever!
 EXTRA! Yes, this really is a royal baby! 

It actually makes me grateful that we waited almost 8 years to have a baby. We have come across so many friends and special people in our lives that have supported us on this journey. I feel so much more established and I'm happy that we were able to have this experience with all these wonderful people.  I was so glad to have it co-ed and include the men at the baby shower. It's like, hello! They helped make the baby too! And they were all such good sports about it. It all went by so fast. 
My babies doing what they do best!

Overall, it ended up taking 4 hours to open all the gifts we had. People really wanted me to open gifts in front of them. But we would probably still be there if that was the case. We didn't even really have storage for everything we got. And that didn't include taking things out of their packages. I don't like throwing away gift bags, so I saved them just in case I could use them later on. And I probably have enough clothing to have him wear 3 different outfits a day. We had to sort everything by age. I really want to get use out of everything. Because people really went above and beyond for our little boy! 

I sent Thank You cards to everyone, handwritten. But I really cant think of how I could have possibly thanked people enough for the love and support they have given us! I can't wait to relive the baby shower in the show! 

All the Best!

XOXO Crissy 

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