Shoedazzle : Crissy Duarte's Commercial Shoot

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Where do I even begin?

The number one question I am asked is: "How did that happen?"

Well, I'll run down the story for you. I started my blog on Valentines Day of 2015! I knew I wanted my blog to be centered around my love for shoes and what they mean to me. Growing up in the Barrio, it's rare to see women in heels. Never the less, I always had dreams to be a business woman and wear high heels. Not a trophy wife or bimbo. NO, NO, NO! Shoes mean so much more to me that that! 

Heels to ME are like the female version of the tie! When you see a man walk in with a tie, you can see what his personality is right off the bat! Eccentric, Conservative or Confident etc.....

It's the same with heels. When you see a girl in heels, she's either going to close deals, have an amazing time or do something extremely important. High heels literally put you on another level. 


Well, as a brand ambassador I get the in's and out's of whats going on and sometimes they reach out to us for potential events and such. Well, I had just remodeled my closet and LOW AND BEHOLD the Social Media team reached out to us bloggers about sharing pictures of our closets for a commercial spot. 

I thought it was too good to be true that they were looking for girls with "fabulous closets" after I had JUST remodeled, I took that as a sign! The stars were aligning! 

So, I scrambled up all my pictures and submitted them to the Shoedazzle digital media marketing team. 

And I didn't hear back for a while....

So I figured, the answer would have been "no" had I not tried so, whatever. 
Then suddenly, I received a text message from a Casting agent. She said she liked my closet and wanted to set up a skype interview! 

HOLY COW!! My heart jumped out of my chest! 
I was one step closer to doing something I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams. That was the longest week ever waiting to do that interview and SOOOOOOOO nerve wrecking! 

As I prepared to the interview I had the typical "fight or flight" syndrome. Sweating bullets and feeling like I wasn't good enough! Everyone believes in me, but it's impossible for me to believe in myself. I was so close to not doing it and giving up. All I could think of was that I wasn't pretty, skinny or interesting enough to even be considered. 

I kept thinking about dreams I had as a kid, and that I had a great opportunity I could pass up and an amazing experience I would lose out on because I wasn't brave enough. 

You have to just go for it and that's what I did. I didn't focus on "being a good fit." I just focused on being me and talking about what I love: SHOES!

AND.....boy was it fun! The skype interview went GREAT! I could not believe I was nervous because it felt so easy once I started talking about my closet. The interviewer said I did very well. I was sure I knocked it out of the park....

Then I didn't hear anything for a few months....
So, I assumed that I didn't get the job. And I didn't care. Because I was thrilled that I even had the balls to go through the interview process and submit my content to the producers. 

Fast forward to January. I'm ordering some Mediterranean food and I suddenly get a call from the casting agent. I thought, OHHHHH EM GEEEEEE! I answered and she told me that the Producers liked me and that they want to shoot in 2 weeks! I couldn't believe what was happening! I did not think it was real! I got the Job! I got the JOB! 

I of course called everyone! I was so ecstatic! Despite my excitement, I kept it on the down low until the actual shoot. I only told my closest friends and family. I didn't want to count my chickens before they hatched and I honestly didn't believe that I would actually be shooting this commercial! Seriously, I was in denial for the most part. It was't real to me until I saw the bus...the crew...and a legitimate set in my master bedroom and closet to actually believe it was REAL.  

I couldn't help but think about one of my favorite Marina and the Diamonds song called PRIMADONNA Life is about taking charge of your life! Be the leading lady of your life, ask for the things you want! Be humble, not timid! Be bold, not arrogant! Your 20's are your selfish years, the time you use to find yourself and find opportunity to make your life exciting. Don't make permanent decisions on temporary emotions. TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS! I only get to be 25 once.....and what a way to depart from my early 20's!

I look at how my life has changed in 5 years! If I can go from delivering pizza's to shooting a commercial for one of the largest online shoe stores on the market....ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Ladies, I challenge you to pursue what, who and where you want to be in this life! Haters will hate when you're broke, haters will hate when you are at the top of your game. Savor your youth! We have infinite potential, but we must visualize and pursue it! 

I don't have the all the answers, and still know I have so much to learn. Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. I'm thankful for this life I have been given and hope I can inspire other women to pursue their dreams! 

The rest is a memory! An exciting, amazing, exhausting and unexpected experience.  And I'm grateful for the amazing family and friends that were there with me side by side to be there with me on this journey!  

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  1. Wow! Seriously, congratulations on the commercial. Especially, being so early on in your blogging career. Thank you for sharing the insecurities you had—it's very encouraging for other young people who may feel the same way. This was an exciting post to read. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Right? After this, someone asked me. "How can I be a successful blogger like you?" I was like, ummm I'll let you know when I become one? Hahah! I think the best part of being a blogger is helping other women and encouraging them! Sounds cliche, but it's the ultimate truth!

  2. That is so awesome! I love hearing about fun successes. And looking at shoes. ;)

  3. This is very encouraging to all of us giving it our best shot at our dreams, young and the not so young!

  4. Congratulations, this is so awesome! Never give up on your dreams. This post is so inspiring.


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