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So, here is my WELL overdue post about building a home....

I remember feeling like I would react with a, "Yeah! I did it, I'm going to prove everyone wrong." I felt like I wanted to prove to the people that thought I couldn't do it or didn't deserve it...that I could do it. My dad told me that wasn't a good attitude to have. People will criticize you for your successes and failures. Do what makes YOU happy. You can't prove anything to people who already have their perception of you made up. And who cares? 

Lastly, I wanted to keep it private for safety. My neighborhood was an active construction site and I didn't want to put myself at risk with people coming in and out. 

When good things start happening in my life, I always try to manage my negative emotions. Instead of worrying about people who don't like me...I focus on those I love. Change those "hater anthems" to love songs. And it, makes me careful to not have bad thoughts of others. FOR THE RECORD, vocalizing injustice is not being cruel or evil. It's being true to self and integrity. You are what you project in life. If you project truth you will be BLESSED! Building this home helped me to manage these qualities better:

I'm really PROUD of this accomplishment. But my accomplishments don't prove anyone wrong or right about me. It proves that no matter who you are. If you are Humble, Kind, Honest and can accomplish amazing things!

So, I'll give the run down on my experience. First and foremost, I just want to say building a home takes FOREVER.

You see, building the house is actually the easy part. That's the fastest part. Getting permits, financing and everything in order...all the things that go on behind the scenes are what take forever. You are essentially staring at dirt for a very long time. 
And you are wondering how the heck your house is going to fit! Lucky, this corner lot was available so my yard is actually massive, it just doesn't look like much. Heres my back yard before the grass was put in: 

So, while you are waiting for all the behind the scenes (Permits, Financing and Contractors) You get to do the fun stuff! Picking colors and customization. From the exterior to the grout. 
You will go mad with all the options. There are soooo many possibilities. 
It may sound weird, but I did not think of myself when I chose the options. I chose my options based on re-sell ability. I asked an appraiser for advice on the best options. I focused less on cosmetic upgrades and thought more about structure. I chose neutral colors. I kept everything simple. Pre-wired for ceiling fans, speakers. LIGHTING! I focussed on things that would be a pain to put in myself, later. 
But even with that mentality, I still had impeccable options to choose from. Even with the basics, here was my final choice:
And Pinterest HELPS! This was my visual concept for how I wanted my kitchen:
(Coffee Cabinets and Bianco Antico Granite)
And that's exactly what I got!
Cosmetically, I did splurge on the Granite. I hate the basic cookie cutter granite. I felt it was worth it to me for $500.00. Since, it would probably cost me a fortune to try to change that later. And what is great, is that you get to pic out your Granite Slabs:
I wanted it to be chunky and have a lot of character. There are shimmers of metallic stone in it. I'm in love with it. People are always blown away by how gorgeous my counter tops are. These are the slabs that are on my Kitchen and Bathroom countertops: 
My kitchen, when I could only see it through the window!
Those are all the frilly's! 
Here is how it goes from top to bottom! 
I also want to mention I won't be showing my whole house completed, I don't to be easy to find where I live. I am just paranoid like that. But, I still want to share my experience. 
 The Kitchen
Bathrooms 2 and 3 
Favorite Window
Closets and Loft
 Beloved Shoe closet
That will eventually look like this:

So that is the house in skeletal form, eventually we get sheet rock and stucco!
Where my beautiful chandeliers will hang...

 My Loft

Master Bathroom....
 And we were so sure our house was coming with a Lake Johnson in the back yard:

It was amazing watching vision come to reality. 

Well, there you have it! I'm thinking about doing a separate post on the financial part of it. 

Those long months seem like a blink of an eye when you look back, but walking into a brand-new home and seeing all of your custom features was such a treat! 

I highly recommend building a home if you find an amazing builder, want to customize your home and if you have the time and money to invest in your vision! 

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