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Hello Shoe Freaks!

I'll start off by saying I am in NO way a DIY kind of girl. Not my cup of tea but if there is a will, there is a way. I am so thankful for my husband who has so much talent in craftsmanship. I am not talented in that area. I know Tax

I have always wanted a sizable closet with tons and tons of shoes. I used to, ahem...sometimes wear heels in high school. I was given some awkward looks and never thought of doing so again. I figured, one day I'll have a nice little pink collar job and strut my stuff, right?

Truth is, It's what I am known for. I am also known for tennis shoes and workout clothing. haha. But, I am the shoe girl. I have even had people stop and ask for pictures of my shoes. I love them all. 

Shoes are my memories. I remember what shoes I walked into my home for the first time. Birthday shoes. Wedding shoes and many more memories. The steps we take in life are important and perhaps now, that I reached my goal of my "dream closet"...tomorrow it might be a "dream nursery". People will often times say that the things we think are important now, will not be important later on. Which is probably right. For now, I want to say that I pampered myself and had a giddy little girl dream of a pretty closet with sparkly shoes. I have the rest of my life to be everything else. Let a girl have her moment. 

So, the end result blew my mind:

Far cry from the plain jane it once was:

Because I was so ecstatic about reconstructing my closet I do not have a single picture of the before. This is as plain as I have....

Here's how we did it:
 1. White laminate Shelving: You can opt to any color of your choice, I chose white.
2. Shelf Brackets of your choice: I didn't want a metal look so I opted for more of a flush contemporary style.
3. Decorative trim molding of your choice: My molding was pre-painted as white. The molding adds more character as opposed to the basic white strip and keeps the shoes from sliding.
4. Gorilla Glue (To glue trim on shelving): You will need to clamp or tape the molding over night but this will keep the molding secure. 
5. ClosetMaid Selective's: I opted for a 3 drawer and laundry basket holder.
6. Crown Molding: I opted for the following because it does give it a nice boutique or VS kind of vibe. It brightens up the room and the lighting projects gorgeously. 
7. Commercial Electric Ribbon Lighting: I chose mult-colored lighting (16 options). White is included, dimming options and a remote to avoid any drastic light switch installations. 
8. Epic Shoe Collection:

So I'll walk you through this journey. I virtually designed my closet online, Click Here. I started gathering ideas. I knew I wanted it to feel like I had my own boutique in my own home. My husband is the craftier one between the two of us. I just have the vision. 

Initially, I never even thought to include commercial lighting because I thought it would be far too expensive: 

To be honest, it really was not that costly. And for the way it brightens my closet, it is completely worth it. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your #closetgoals follow me on IG @crissyduarte

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