Goobin Moments: 20 year old Me Vs. 25 year old Me

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We evolve in so many ways. In some ways we stay the same, for instance...I am still a shitty writer. Seriously. I don't consider myself a good, great, average or even sub par writer. I'm just a girl that likes to document a reflect. 

This past vacation had me thinking a lot about how much I have evolved and how I handle life differently. Not only how I handle life but also how I look at myself and the world. Since I am nothing like my sister who IS an impeccable writer. I like to use gifs. I'm visual, I have a sense of humor. Gifs make me happy! I'm a Dallas meme lord, in case you didn't know. 

The gifs will say it best. 

Here's a list of:

20 year old Me Vs 25 year old Me

1. Work 
20: I can't think about having fun right now I need to work.
25: I can't think about work right now, I am trying to have fun.
2. Staying Up Late 
20: It's 4am, if I go to sleep now, I'll get a solid 3 hours of sleep.
25: It's 9pm, If I don't go to sleep now I'm going to stab someone.
3. Weekends
20: Hope I get a lot of D's this weekend, I need those tips!
25: Hope I can get a DD this weekend, I need those sips! 
4. Everyone else
20: Everyone else is having fun and living life. Nobody understands me.
25: Everyone else has problems. Everyone understands me.
5. Money
20: I just need to get through 6 more days until I get paid.
25: Ohhh, I forgot...I got paid 6 days ago.
6. The Office 
20: I'm going to be the best! And get the best productivity!
25: Y'all should be proud, I showed up. 
7. When someone doesn't like me...
20: Why do people have to be so mean? I didn't do anything wrong...
25: Why do people have to be so petty? I'm still going strong. 
8. Social Media Drama 
20: I'm not going to let these people bully me. I'm going to speak my mind.
25: Lol, they used the wrong "there"...and they think I care. HA! I don't engage with trash.
9. Taking pictures
20: Please don't, I look so fat and gross...
25: "Marty, take this camera...I want to document EVERYTHING!!!"
10. I wish...
20: I had a great job, more money and that this day would be over. 
25: I had gratitude, more time and that this day would never be over.
11. I'll Never...
20: Be successful or have any of the things I want.
25: Be able to re-live these moments and thankful I have everything I need.
12. Marriage...
20: "It's dumb to get married that're going to have problems"
25: "You're so lucky to be married. You have already worked through a lot of your problems. You guys are such a great couple." 
13. People...
20: I hate people.
25: I hate people.
14. Love...
20: I'm so glad I found love.
25: You don't find live, you create it. The longer you take building love, the longer it lasts.
15. Sacrifice...
20: I hope the hard work I'm doing now will be worth it...
25: All the handwork then, was worth it.


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