My DJ Khaled Moment

by - 4:07 PM

Hello! It has been a lot of time since I had a new blog post or even an Instagram post. I haven't forgotten about the community. Just working on a few projects and working hard.

I believe in "delayed gratification." Oftentimes we want everything now. We always want to stretch ourselves thin and have something to show. I don't live on the internet. I know it sounds weird because I have a blog and Instagram with a couple thousand followers. It does sound a bit backwards.

My point is, you shouldn't live online. There is work that needs to be done OFFLINE. So, yeah even though I have a TON of catching up to do, I am so excited for all of the things I have lined up for me. Pictures to take and events to attend.

I also changed my blog name which I LOVE!

There is simply so much for me to talk about and jot down. For now, I am just living in the moment and enjoying life. I have worked so hard and now I get to enjoy it. It is important to keep moving forward and ALWAYS put work before play. Preparation is key.

So, I'm very excited for 2016 and now that I have put work before play...I can't wait to see what adventures this year has to offer me!

xoxo, Crissy aka (Bunny)

"Working all winter, shining all summer."

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