11 Struggles Libertarians Will Understand...

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Political party identity is a lot like religion. You grow up one way and as you grow older, you decide what you most identify with...eventually.

In high school I was given a test in my AP History class: "What Political Party do YOU belong to." Some of my friends tested Green, Democrat & Conservative. I tested as: Libertarian. 

I usually refer to my political stance, "Fiscally responsible, social...none of my business." 

Its tough being libertarian in such a divided divided nation. Its a lot like the Bloods and the Crips. We Libertarians are what the hood would refer to as 550.

So what is it like being libertarian? Well, here are:

11 Struggles Libertarians Go Through...

1. Liberals refer to you as Conservative
And it fun to watch their face turn red when they find out you support gay rights.

2. Conservative's refer to you as Liberal
And its fun to watch their face turn red when they find out you support fiscal responsibility and capitalism.

3. You hate when people confuse corporatism with capitalism
Capitalism is a social and economic system. Corporatism...is basically just an alternative form of socialism.

4. Both Democrats and Republicans delete you off Facebook
Share a brilliant Bernie Sanders quote or a classic Ronald Regan qoute. DELETE. erase. unfollow. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was narrowed down to ONE side of political ideology.

5. "If libertarianism is so great, why is it never the majority?"
I suppose the majority has ALWAYS determined efficiency.

6. South Park is spot on when it comes to your views on Libby and Conny extremists.
Seriously, there are such major fallacies on both sides.

7. You feel like such a conservative around liberals and a super liberal around conservatives. 
I am going around in circles.

8. You support gun rights, reproductive rights, LGBT rights, religious freedom...basically ALL RIGHTS.
Call Liberians crazy but we believe the government doesn't have the right to cherry pick what kind of rights society has.

9. You understand the difference between tolerance and acceptance. 
And just because we support the rights of others. Does not mean we agree with them. Its called....humility.

10. Overall you think everyone should be able to work hard and work towards the life they want and earn. 
Can't we all just stay out of everyones business?

11. No matter who wins the election, you always win in some way or another. 
Because with this lame 2 party system. Libertarians will always win socially or fiscally.

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