Why I buy my Prescription glasses online!

by - 9:28 AM

It started on a business trip to LA. Just 6 short weeks before I bought my brand new glorious Tiffany and Co. prescription lasses. They were adorable, I loved them... except for the fact that they also cost $300 for the frames and lenses.

So back to my trip to LA. I LOST my glasses. Do you see how tragic this is? I didn't lose them just any where...but in LAX!!! I begged the flight attendants to let me check the bathrooms. After all, it was like losing an iPhone! To no luck, they were gone and I had a long flight to think about it.

So, there was no way I was going to shell out another 300 bucks for a pair of glasses, I didn't even want to pay $100! So, I figured I could try the internet

Low and behold, there are websites where you can order PRESCRIPTION glasses online. Sure, it will not be the fancy name brand, but I when you need glasses you NEED glasses. To be fair most "name brand" glasses are just that, a NAME. That is all you are paying for is the name. 

Whats great about buying glasses online, is that all you will need is your prescription. ZING! Once you have that you are off to the races. Then there are a TON of choices to choose from: 
So after all was said and done, WITH shipping my glasses turned out to cost me: $45.00! And that is because I added some extra bells and whistles to them.

Now, I am known for having A LOT of shoes and A LOT of glasses. Thankfully, as a blogger...I get to work with a lot of wonderful companies that are responsible for my collections.

I learned my lesson the hard and dumb way! Don't be a victim of eye-ware robbery! Glasses are meant to be worn and stylish! We have all stepped on, lost and become bored with the frames we have.  

A special thanks to FIRMOO Optical for my favorite glasses and for the fact that I am able to conduct a giveaway for a FREE pair of glasses. If you need a new pair or already have some, feel free to enter my giveaway! It has been extended to close on the 20th PST! After that, the winner will be announced and featured in a future blog post! Via: Instagram or @crissyduarte

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