My Shoedazzle Wish List : 12 Day's of Shoemas

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What do you give a girl that has a ton of shoes.....More shoes!

My whole life I never considered myself a shoegirl. IN FACT, I was not even into fashion or anything like it. NOW! Im surrounded by shoes. It is what I am known for, and I love it!

So, here is my Shoedazzle wishlist. I bought my first pair of "big girl heels" from Shoedazzle. For the price I figured it was worth a shot! It was a process. I started off with small heels, very small. Then I worked my way up. Now I can wear platforms with NO problem. They feel like air and it was a process!


Dara by Shoedazzle: Sequins! I love anything that sparkles. Anytime  I find a heel with rhinestones or sequins on the Shoedazzle website, I snag that up. There are two variations of this shoe, of course I want both! 

Oda by Leila Stone: I'm not much of a bootie girl. Im not very tall and I think certain booties look unflattering. HOWEVER, I love these! I love the fur, and I love the heel. I know it will be a nice cozy heel to walk in and still stay warm. Over all, comfy and stylish! Oda comes in black as well. 

Brantley by Just Fab: Yes, Shoedazzle has purses! What I like about this Is that I can match purse and shoe combos perfectly. Oftentimes the same material is used! Im not really the kind of girl to get a second mortgage for a purse! I love this purse so much, in grey. I also love the tiny locket on the side of the zipper, it adds some personality. I feel that little touch makes the purse. I just love how sophisticated it looks!

Tonice by Scene: Scene! Need I say more? I love Scene because the styles are usually really vibrant and fierce! Not to mention any Scene platform I have ever worn, has been extremely cozy. I love the chain with rhinestone embellishments! It really is a showstopper! 

Marrgo by Just Fab: These are likely one of my most favorite winter boots on Shoedazzle! I love the rugged worn look. I also love the faux-shearling cuff that folds over. I also love buckles, I am a sucker for buckles! Give me as many as you can! 

Hope you liked my wish list! By all means, share me YOUR wish list! 
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