Why I am Considering a Blog Name Change

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What originally started as an "eccentric career girl" reflecting on growing up and teenage life. Has turned into something I never really expected. I originally chose goody-two-shoes in the beginning because it was really relatable to me. Now, as I meet new bloggers and really developing my vision I like...goody-two-shoes. But, it just doesn't cover it all.

Here are some reasons I am considering a name change:

Traffic: I want a name that is more identifiable and personalized. Not something that will get lost in search engines.

I want a logo: I want a great logo and something that is really original and that really relates to me. I want to be able to translate my name with an image!

Take expert blogger advice: A lot of other bloggers that I admire and who are very successful have changed their name at some point or have at least considered it.

I want it to be personal: I want it to be really personal, creative and reflect who I am and what I like. I like shoes. I also love Information Technology, Geek things and anything Retro! I want to really mold who I am and what I love. Other than emphasize one thing.

I'm not a Fashion blogger: Nor do I wan't to be confused as one. I write about A LOT of things. Shoes are what gained me a lot of followers on IG. But they aren't the only thing I'm interested. Shoes are what I am fashionably passionate about.

I'm Indecisive: I change my mind over an over again! I constantly have ideas that reel through my head! So naturally If I could change my look and name everyday...I would! haha

It's still early in the game: This social media marketing website I have joined goes live in 13 hours! I was accepted into their program. I wan't to make sure I have something clean and ready, being that it is JUST the beginning.

My Domain: I want to have access to as many variations of my domain as I possibly can. This is much easier when you have a unique and personalized name.

Because I can: At the end of the day, If 2 people read my blog or 2million its all the same. I just want to share my photo's write silly things and let it go from there!

Happy Blogging!

-Crissy Duarte

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