How to virtually design your own closet: ONLINE!

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I'm a busy girl! I hate sticker shock and I like to have a general idea of what I am investing in/getting in to. If you have always dreamed and drooled over that gorgeous customized dream closet you have always wanted, this could poise you in the right direction!

Being the shoe-girl that I am, designing my closet is a must have! I have a very sizable walk in closet and I want to make the best of the space. So, I did some research!

I discovered:

There's a lot to say, so I will give you the run down of how this site works:

Step 1: Choose your closet space
So there are 3 types. So you can still have an amazing customized closet even if it isn't a "walk in" and just a standard "reach in" rectangular closet.
Step 2: Design from Scratch or Enter Dimensions 
It all depends on the look you want to achieve, I opted to enter in my dimensions and have one systemically designed for me. Just as a "base reference."
Step 3: Wall Layout
So once you have figured out your measurements, you will be given some design options for the overall layout of your closet. If you want a lot of shoe racks, add those. If you want drawers add those too! The tool will update price for EVERY change you make so it's a very progressive experience. 
 Step 4: Customize
Once you have figured out the overall layout of you closet you can customize the nobs, polls and finishes!
Step 5: Overview and Review
This was the final product for my closet:
Even still I will only be able to accommodate 100 pairs of shoes. Which, for me...may not be enough. But there are WORST problems in the world!

I do plan on adding some great lighting!

 4 Light Crystal Chandelier by Harrison Lane
For that, I highly recommend! They have a stunning collection!

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