Career Couples: The Pitfalls and Perks

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I'm not here to say I have the slightest idea what it is like to have a baby, career and happy relationship. Not at all.

What I truly enjoy about my job is that I get A LOT of time off. Honestly a lot! One common question I get asked by other female coworkers is "Why do you work?" I feel like that question is subconsciously asking..."Does your Husband/Spouse/Partner provide enough?" That's a weird question? Is there a cap out as to how much a household should earn? When it comes to Graham, I am very protective. I don't like when ANY person tries to diminish what he does.

I don't need to justify to anyone why I choose to work, provide a bank statement or make you do research. If my spouse made a BILLION dollars, I would still work. It's in my blood. It doesn't matter if it's my blog. It doesn't matter if it is an 8 to 5! Selling oranges on the side of the street. That is what I do.

I've been a Stay-at-Home wife and I have been a 50 hour a week working woman as well. Personally? I prefer to work. But I DO see the benefits of staying home. Here is what I think:


Shift sucks:
You wont always have a shift that is perfectly in sync with each-other. Sometimes you will go a week without seeing each other.

When BOTH work, the chores have to be allocated evenly. Sometimes it doesn't seem even because one is better at household than the other.

If one of us get a promotion, raise or praise. We feel the need to compare and meet up to the standard. So its really complicated when BOTH are high achievers. 

I make more than you/You make more than me:
Sometimes you can feel defeated if your partner makes TWICE or even THREE times what you make. Especially when you BOTH work 40 hours a week.

My 401K/Roth/Retirement plan sucks/is better than yours
As a federal employee, I get better benefits than a person in the "private sector." 


I get paid to spend time with you:
When you BOTH get holiday pay, you feel a great feeling of awesomeness. 

I understand, work sucked:
You truly understand his struggles at work and know the importance of giving a person space to wind down and reflect on the day.

Don't worry, I have some extra cash/I'll buy:
There is just something liberating about knowing I we can bail each-other out and don't really stress about funds. 

You build great coworker relationships:
Honestly, they become families. A great circle of networking! 

More risk taking:
Because one can hold the fort while another explores it makes it such an amazing safety net for the two to function. We can both steadily rely on each-other and advance in our careers, take trips and dive into big purchases with more confidence. 

You are my favorite colleague:
To know that a person you love can confide in you professionally or can give you advice and guidance is simply a great team effort! 

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