10 Things Fiat Owners Will Understand

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It started when a math teacher said, "I bought a Fiat and haven't had a single problem with it." These little Fiats were EVERWHERE! They had just dropped! I WANTED ONE! I thought they were so cute.

I was a pizza delivery driver for about a year and a half. I had a black, 1997 Geo Prizm that EVERYONE used to call "the bucket." It would always overheat! It was terrible! But, I did what I had to do to make money and worked my ASS off in that thing! 

Eventually, I was able to buy my own car! And I wanted a FIAT!

Fiats are funny looking, annoying, efficient and not for everyone! A Fiat is my spirit vehicle! 

So if you are like me, here are: 10 Things Fiat Owners Will Understand

1. "I thought these cars only come in stick shift?"
They do, they are both. Automatic and stick shift. Certain cars come with both...literally, both! 

2. "Ohhhh, so you have one those Smart Cars?" 
No, I drive a Fiat.

3. "This is NOT a safe car for children."
Thats the point...

4. "This car doesn't fit anyone...no one can drive with you."
That's the POINT!!

5. "Well, I'll never ask to borrow your car. lol"
THATS THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. "I need gas?"
I filled up the tank 3 weeks ago....I don't understand why I need gas....already!

7. "Parking spots....Parking spots everwhere!"
You can fit in that little slither on the sidewalk and not touch the red. zing!!

8. "Those cars are stupid"
Yeah, paying 28 dollars to fill up my car...with premium Cheveron gas is stuuuuupid. 

9. "Your car is the coolest car ever!"
Yup, it sure is. 

10. "Is your car imported?"
Yes, from Pluto....that is why it is so small. (:

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