10 things childless women attending baby showers will understand

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The older I get the more baby shower invitations pour in! lol! If this was 20 year old Crissy I would have had a can of baby propellent and a biohazard suit on! Things have changed since then. But, it got me thinking about a few things. How it makes me feel, how it makes me think and what I observe.

So, here are 10 things childless women at baby showers will understand...

1. I have no idea what to buy...
No really, where do I even begin?

2. Woahhh, baby things are EXPENSIVE! 
No really, $120 for something I will throw dirty diapers in? AHhhhhhhH!!!!

3. Can't decide between buying the Nipple Creme or the Baby Yoga book
It's not a bachelor party...and its totally appropriate buy heart-shaped nipple patches. Baby yoga? Hmmmm...That's a thing? 

4. Everything is so little and cute!
Soft colors and people are really stoked and preparing for this new midget humanoid to join planet earth! 

5. The expecting mom to be has large melons.
Woahhhhhh, That is awesome. Nature did that, nature did that! 

6. When other guest ask if you have any kids or if you are trying.
Now, I'm all for the big melons! lol. Not sure about he pushing and raising a human part!

7. No shortage of pastries and goodies?
2 dozen sugar cookies....don't mind if I do! Yuuuuummmy! 

8. You see adorable things and the happiness in the mothers eyes...
and think:

9. When someone gifts a placenta recipe book
Ummmm, no thanks. Placenta quiche sounds.....no thanks...

10. When other women talk about their birthing stories
In labor for 3 days? All those warm thoughts about wanting to be a mom turn into:

11. Knowing it might be you in the hot seat one day...
The thought is both freighting and beautiful.

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