10 Struggles Outspoken People Have: Kanye West Moments

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I'm really shy....

Just kidding! Lets face it, when you think me you think of loud and obnoxious. I have "word vomit." I am not really good at keeping my thoughts to myself. Completely unaware of how the people around me process the things I do and say. Oh, you don't like me? That's cool, sometimes I don't like me. Hahaha. Sometimes I wonder, "Why did I say that, why...Oh Why?" Then sometimes I think, "Damn it Crissy, why DIDN'T you say that." Needless, to say...I usually regret the things I don't say more than the things I DO say. No matter how over the top....anyway. Here is a list of struggles outspoken people, (like me) have.

1. You hate people.
Hate is harsh...but if you are like me, you understand what I mean. We live in such a politically correct society and people can be down right in denial. How do I go on life suppressing the brutally honest things I have to say?

2. If you don't like my answer, why did you ask?
No, I am not going to tell you what you WANT or HOPE to hear. Certainly not what is the sweetest. Why? Because I would rather tell you how absolutely ridiculous that shirt looks on you. So you DON'T make an ass of yourself. 

3. You accept that sometimes you have to withhold. 
People handle things differently and may not like to be told. So, you have to hold back...no matter how daunting it is. 

4. You are constantly accused of contradicting yourself.
As a result of withholding things you have to say, sometimes you try to say the RIGHT thing. What you really think slips up from time, time. Which can really confuse the people around you. 

5. You meet people that either REALLY love you or REALLY hate you.
It's a fact. People either understand you or they think you are down right mean or annoying. But, It does make for some great genuine friendship and filtering out the fait of heart/delusional weirdos. 

6. People accuse you of being "Negative"
Really people? When did telling the truth become negative? Hmmm. Perhaps people with that mentality need to reevaluate things. When being faced with reality becomes a negative thing...that's a problem.  

7. You hate injustice.
When something isn't right. If someone is doing something they shouldn't do. If someone thinks they can get away with the bad things they do. You WILL vocalize it. It's not about hurting someone...It is about justice.

8. Sometimes it gets you into trouble.
Ok, sometimes you do cross the line. Sometimes, you do step over the border. At the very LEAST you understand you have a problem.

9. You hate sugar coated anything.
I don't want to be friends with a bobble head that says sweet nothings. More importantly,  I hate mean and conniving people that like to disguise themselves as sweethearts. 

10. You love to meet people who understand you
If you meet a person that understands your craziness...that is GOLD! 

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