10 Reasons I believe in Cuffing Season: Taylor Swift Moments

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It's that time of year again!

For as long as I can remember, I have always said..."I can't wait for winter to come, so I can fall in love again." If you are single (or notoriously single) you will tend to itch for a special someone, maybe go on a few dates. If you are married you may find this new found love for your spouse and want to make mountains of babies. If you are starting a new relationship it feels like rainbows and sunshine. It's not a fling that is desired, but genuine commitment.

Or maybe that is just ME. Perhaps I am the only person in the world who has ever felt like this and/or will continue to.

This could be like Santa. In this case we will refer to this phantom person as "Sir Cuffington." Yes, Sir Cuffington comes along and gives people the desire to want to be snuggled and feel a sense of commitment of some sort!

An article via the Huffington Post provides a guide as to how to get through "Cuffing Season."


Here are 10 Reasons I Believe in Cuffing Season: 

(As described: Using Taylor Swift Gifs)

1. All I want to do is snuggle
Honestly, who better to snuggle with than another attractive...human that you are insanely in love with.

2. Thots become thoughtful
To each his own. My point is swingers tend to settle down more! You catch my drift?

3. The EX is seen parading with their new arm candy
And if you are like me, BE HAPPY for them. Be thankful you aren't "cuffing" with someone who is incompatible with you.

4. I wan't to make babies
Seriously? The fever is real. Then again summer fun would be a totally different agenda. Pass for now.

5. Mistletoe
Then again, you can always stand in front of a mirror and kiss yourself.

6. Look at me "IM CUFFED"
Couples will post pictures the way singles post "Spring Break" Weeeeeeeee get it.

7. "I won't feel this way in July"
Singles will strike back as allll the summer romance and promiscuity ensues. Party time!

8. It really is the most wonderful time of the year
Christmas makes you see the good in people and Christmas cheer makes the people around you much more tolerable and meaningful!

9. I'm so lonely
Cuffing season can be a lonely dark time for the Singles. Don't worry...it wont last long. *See article* and number 7!

10. New Beginnings! 
After all it is new beginnings! Life can be a merry go round. Cuffing season is important to remind people of what they want/don't want and what others may not appreciate!

If cuffing season is getting the best of you this year. Don't be too bummed! That's what Taylor Swift albums are for! 

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