How to create a Vision Board

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The bigger the dream, the more the workload. That is what I believe. 
Now, I thought I would list the top 5 most important things for me for the next 5 years.
I have some superficial/materialistic dreams and some that are the absolute meaning of life and make it worth while.

My life may not be a success in the eyes of others and that is totally ok. Because, we are all different people with different desires.

So 5 in 5:
1. Travel
I hope to be able to visit Europe with the love of my life. That's a dream...also to get married/renew vows again in Paris! 
2. CCIE/Masters Degree
I hope to get my Masters Degree and that Graham becomes a CCIE. MAJOR goals! And LITERALLY all of our academic investment.
3. Buy another home
I love my starter house, it is far more than I deserve! But I can't WAIT to save and move into a larger home so I have plenty of room for the family I intend to start in these years...
4. Have a baby
Yup! I am finally open to the idea of kids! I am so ready. I feel like my life is so fulfilled now and now I am ready to extend that joy to a new life! 
5. Be happy and In good health
GOOD HEALTH! Absolutely, I hope to have a healthy pregnancy, I hope to be able to carry a baby. I hope that Graham is in good health. I hope that we can manage anxiety, stress and pressure.

I look back at the old goals I've had in the past. I achieved some, exceeded many and no longer want a lot of the things I thought were important then. I can't WAIT to do a self-reflection. I always say:

"If you aim nowhere, that is exactly where you will go."

So, I think about those things and I want to discuss the idea of a vision board!

Vision Board
Oprah and even various marketing campaigns have pumped this idea of "The Law of Attraction." If you want to call it god or energy/karma. The concept is the same. Practice good and you get good. Practice harm and harm comes your way. 
I am a skeptic by nature...a major over thinker. I've watched a lot of "Self-Help" films and read a few self help books. Read the bible and Book of Mormon and they are ALL wonderful tools with remarkable information that provide many parables and lessons that you can apply and make your life better. Everyone one has THEIR way. Everyone has their own set of beliefs and agenda to fulfill. Now, it doesn't matter if you are Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Agnostic, Hookers for Jesus, Jedi YOU NAME IT. I don't care what a person is and what their guide through life. RELIGION and character are not the same thing. However, what all these beliefs have in common is, "Do you apply it to your life."....and "Do you do good?" Beliefs don't matter if you don't apply it. Even though I left the Mormon church one of my favorite songs is Have I done any Good? I FIRMLY believe doing for others is more rewarding than doing for yourself. I have personal goals...but NEVER forget to give back! Ever!!!
No matter what your religious beliefs are...these are questions EVERYONE should ask themselves.
I don't judge anyone by what they believe. I don't think it's right to "judge." Rather I evaluate and make determinations based on what is applied. I hope to NOT offend anyone, because I am not trying to denounce anyones beliefs. All I am saying is THIS is what I believe. It's not correct for everyones life or situation...but it is what works for me. 

Now, what I believe is that I CAN'T achieve anything unless I can envision it. Hey, that's ME. 
The next joe blow down the street probably can, but I can't. I look at the things that I have in life right now, and I always had a vision for it. I would keep my goal weight as the wallpaper on my phone. I would keep pictures of things I wanted to achieve on my wall paper...wallet. As a constant reminder of what I am working for. 

Here is my vision board today:
Seeing is believing! Now, vision is half the equation. I have to put in action. In order for me to reach ANY of those things...I have to actually put for work and some things WILL take a ton of work. I had a vision for my website. I didn't wake up one day and goody-two-shoes website *poof* appeared. I took learning how social media works...learning HTML...a trip to SF and a positive outlook. Everything takes work, enthusiasm and passion. And I have found that doing that...actually makes getting the things I want very, very, very easy.

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