Tips on applying for a Federal Job!

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Hey, there! So it's that time of year again and I like to give information to people that would like to join the work force.

Is a GREAT place to start your search! It's also a great place to start out, gain work experience and for people who don't want to work very long. It's a great foot in the door. Especially for young people. I've seen people start out and are now Engineers. I've seen people start there who have stayed there for 35 years!

What is great about seasonal employment is it is good for moms who want to work part time and college students that want to earn money and go to school at the same time. There is no real way to "get in" but I have some tips that can help you for ANY job. 

1. Learn how to make a cover letter
In some cases a template will be provided. For example: Cover Letter Tips
Cover letters are optional but a great introduction and selling pitch for yourself.

2. READ the job announcement closely
Look at ALL requirements and ensure you are the right fit. 

3. Keywords, keywords and keywords
It's all in the verbiage. Make sure the skills and keywords you use are related to the job you are applying for. Often times you can look for a lot of resume examples for the experience that you have. DONT COPY AND PASTE. Use what would apply to you.

4. Don't over embellish
It can be tempting, especially if you are in desperate need of a job.  Honesty is the best policy. Even if you do get hired, you may not have the comprehension for the job and could result in termination if you are still in probation status. 

5. A little can go a long way
You can start off with something small that can lead to a much better paying and longer even permanent employment. 

6. Be patient
Especially with federal jobs, they can take up to 6 months before you really hear back! 

7. Remain optimistic
I've been rejected for 60 jobs. It will happen, don't let it bring you down. Because your efforts will eventually pay off. 

8. Ask for help!!!
Don't hesitate to ask a relative or friend for help! Even if you have no idea who to ask, Workforce-Connection is a great resource to get help with making a resume and finding the right key-words. 

9. Apply for job experience not money
Don't focus too much on the pay. The pay will come with experience. Everyone has to start off as a grunt. It's all part of the job market! 

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