Why I Chose - Goody Two Shoes

by - 11:45 AM

So I thought I would shed a little background on why I chose, G2S. It's simple. Me and my sister grew up in the Ghetto/Barrio. We gained a reputation of being, well...goody-two-shoes. My mother raised me and my sister with an Iron fist. Good grades, good behavior and good attitude was expected, not requested.

I didn't grow up with much. I had never seen a standing shower, only in movies. Warm water was a privilege and I always wore second hand clothes. A lot of the things most people take for granted I thought were a luxury. I LOVED to dress up as a little girl! I had a my sized Barbie, her name was Tiffany. I remember dad coming home and never being touch my face because his hands were always covered in black residue from tires. I remember watching Wall Street as a little girl and wishing that I could be in a suit and become a stockbroker or some kind of "important" person. While most girls fantasized about prince charming, I fantasied about...investments, real estate and books. I remember passing through Railroad, which was one of my dads old shops. There was a painted mural on one of the buildings. It said, "Fresno State Bulldogs." I remember not knowing what college was...and assumed I would never be able to be a part of whatever college was. I was a weird kid. As soon as I knew what stocks were, I would beg and beg and BEG my mother to let my buy a share of something...anything! When I was 12 I called a brokerage company to try and buy shares of Google. The operator said, "Ohhh, how cute. But you have to be at least 18 or older to buy...because any gains or losses would be taxable." My heart shattered.

My family didn't have much (at the time). But they saved every dime they earned for me and my sister. My dad had a college fund for me, I had NO knowledge of this. I couldn't believe all this time I was ashamed of my parents for not being as smart and savvy as others they were busy devoting everything they could for me. Because of their blood, sweat and tears. I was able to go to college, meet an educated gentleman and fulfill my dreams. Now I'm a share holder of this and that. But, I have to say...I don't think much of it. I would rather be at IHOP with my dad drinking coffee, with an omelet listening to the hilarious things he says. Most people may think of my father as nothing more than an illiterate, alcoholic man that wrotes circus music in the 90's. I really don't care. To me he is my hero! No one has a perfect childhood and who cares! I remember my fathers eyes lighting up when I walked in the room Sunday mornings and he always showered me with love, adoration and kissed me about 100 times. There was bad and there was good. But the joy has always exceeded the bad from the good.

 **flashback** I remember when I was a little girl and me and dad were driving through downtown and I told my dad I would one day work in the biggest shiniest building one day. He chuckled. I begged him to take me in the underground parking tunnel where the "Suited People" parked. He did and he was charged a FINE because he didn't have a parking pass. He didn't even care because it was for me. That small moment had such an amazing impact on my life!

So that's why. Because a little girl that was lucky to have 1 pair of shoes now has 80.

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