Seeing my Therapist in Concert

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This all goes back to the "41 Things To Do Before You Have a Baby" (You can check out that blog). My bucket list! 

So yeah, one part of my bucket list is...seeing my favorite artist in concert. And she...was...amazing! I had the time of my life! It was so incredible.

Marina has been my favorite artist for as long as I can remember. She is simply...brilliant. Her lyrics have so much powerful and SO CRYPTIC! You cannot take her music at face value! Her music empowers me and has pushed me through the hardest times in my life. Heartbreak, growing pains, confusion and sadness. Which is WHY I love her so much. I have enjoyed watching her as a struggling nobody to...somebody!
She is so amazing live and this video will not do her justice. She has a great personality and I enjoyed being around the FANS! I know I always say, "I hate people." Most of the time I do, but to be around other marina fans was amazing! To know they have all been through the same struggles and that they understand her and her message. In many ways it was so easy to mingle and make friends because we are all so much alike. Meeting people was half the fun and when I saw her come out and start singing Mowglis Road it was like she was singing my life biography right then and there! I was reliving so many life moments through her music! It was insane!


I could barely record anything because I was screaming like a little school girl. Graham got me a VIP pass so I was sitting in the front balcony right in the center. I had the option to be front and center on the floor, but I chose not to because I don't like teenagers and I get anxiety with large crowds. If I get the chance to see a concert at the Fox Theater again, I would totally do it. Upgrading for the telegraph room is worth every penny. No long lines and you get a quite room, they take care of all of your personal belongings. It was great!

"I found what I'd been looking for in myself
Found a life worth living for someone else
Never thought that I could be, I could be
Happy, happy" - Marina and the Diamonds (Happy)

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