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So, I have finally figured out my style. I'm starting to look up ways to style up my house and bring it some personality. Art Deco! Ever since I was in high school I was obsessed with the 20's and anything vintage. My mom was a HUGE thrift store shop-a-holic and she would always find these amazing lamps, photos and mirrors for my bedroom.

Most people don't know this, but I originally majored in Architecture. I was obsessed with art deco. I took drafting classes, I even finished all of my auto cad courses. They used to call me CAD because of my initials and the fact that I was a drafting chick. I eventually decided to change majors because, well....I didn't want to be an artist. I discovered that I cared more about owning a beautiful home than actually designing one.

This was me in CAD. My mom bought me a drafting table for my 18th birthday! She always supported my hobbies and the things I loved to do. This all goes back to how at age 18 my life got better.

 This is a model I made for Habitat For Humanity project for school. We were to design a home that would accommodate 5 to 6 bedrooms in a very limited amount of square footage. I actually had a great team to work with. All boys! Hahaha! This is what I really enjoyed about my late teens and early 20's, it is such a time for discovery it is ME time. I love it, and all the things I learned when I initially majored in architecture helped me when I looked for a home of my own.

If you aren't familiar art deco here are some more examples:

I just thought I should share, because a lot of times we know what we like but can't quite categorize it. Even me who actually studied this in took a while to have an epiphany! 
There are just sooooooooo many endless possibilities. I have been extremely busy. I have a ton to blog about. From the experience of designing a home from scratch to the steps I will take to snazzy it up! Right now, I am just compiling all of my pictures and memories and truthfully, I want to enjoy the moments as they come. I look back at the journey and its so amazing. 

It has been a remarkable for my family year we all finalized on our dream homes this year, new job opportunities and just relaxing and taking it all in...and there is just so much to do and just enjoy. I'll blog about that journey later! From moving to Utah and back to California. The mortgage process and tips! Just SO MUCH! For now, I just want to live it. But I am glad I have found my signature style. 

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