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Oh, Man! Being the ESTJ that I am, I had the family the the 16 Personality Test. You can take your test here:

Man, when I read my description it could not be more true. It was a really good laugh. I thought I would share my results and how I felt about it. Here were my results:

Strengths of an ESTJ: 
  • They believe strongly in doing their duty, and perform out of a sense of duty, rather than an expectation of getting something in return.
  • They usually have a good memory.
  • They're natural leaders.
  • They are usually good strategists and "game" players.
  • They are generally law-abiding and hard working.
  • They are Loyal -- to their family, friends, country, etc.
  • They understand and create effective and fair principles that are unconditional, and in so doing, they perform a great social service.
  • They may make outstanding Judges and Politicians.
  • They live their life in a highly ethical and moral manner.
  • They are great strategists, and may make great military commanders.
  • They're able to create systems for behavior to meet all of the needs that they encounter in life. In such a way, they are satisfied because their world is organized in a principle-centric way that is effective and enduring.

Injustice! BOY do I hate injustice. This really struck me hard. I like balance in life, I have a very "work hard & play hard" mentality. Nothing is worst than a con-artists, liar and manipulator. Follow the rules. 

Weaknesses of an ESTJ:
  • May be unaware or uncaring of how they come across to others.
  • May deliberately bully people into behaving a certain way (with the justification that they're enforcing a principle.)
  • May quickly dismiss input from others without really considering it.
  • May have difficulty communicating their thoughts and feelings to others.
  • Maybe have difficulty understanding the importance of considering people's feelings, and trying to meet their emotional needs.
  • May hold grudges, and have difficulty forgiving people.
  • May have an intense and quick temper.
  • May be highly controlling towards others.
  • May be unable to place value on individual life.
  • May be unable to see the long-term impact of their behavior.
I am definitely guilty on all accounts! I find it very difficult to relate to people that don't come forward with the their shortcomings or true intentions. "It's not about how you feel, it's what NEEDS to be done." I forget a lot of people function with how they feel. What are feelings? lol. Sounds like a very complicated thing to have. haha. I can come off very "cold" to people...but it is only because I like to be direct. I hate sugar coated anything...

So, take the test! Tell me what you are! I would love to know! 

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