15 Things IT Wives Will Understand

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I know you we don't technically choose who we end up with in life. I truly believe in destiny. However, I always, always, ALWAYS wanted to marry a nerd. So, naturally I assumed whoever I ended up would be an engineer or an IT guy. I know what you are thinking:

It really isn't about money. Honestly, what woman doesn't want an educated established man? I think a person should support their partners dreams regardless of what they choose. However, I wanted to be with someone who had a profession that would work with MY endeavors as well. I could have NEVER ended up with a business man/entrepreneur. Why? Because I am ALL business. Truth be told (IM NOT SAYING ALL), most of us are arrogant and standoffish. (I must confess, that I have my moments) 

I asked Graham, "If you could have any job and the world and do it for free, what would it be." He said, "The job I have now." No joke he loves his job and loves computers and that is ALL he ever thinks about. It honestly feels a lot like this: Kip and Lafawnda

So its a truly beautiful thing when hobby and career mold together as one. 
With that said: 
Here are 15 things IT wives will understand
1.You really don't know/can't explain what he does for a living:
I just know he makes the internets work and thats pretty much it. 

2.He basically types 8 Billion words per minute:
He's a maniac, maniac on the keyboard! 

3.Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and proclaims, "THAT'S WHAT IT IS." 
Then runs to his computer and jots down who...knows...what.

4.How he celebrates when he figures out that "problem" he had with a project he was working on:
Good job hun, please don't try to explain...lol

5.How I feel when he try's to explain:
Good on you mate, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

6.That sad moment when he has to go on a very long business trip:
It's bitter sweet, but I support your dreams. (:

**And how you feel when he comes back**

7.How you feel when other women ask, "Does he work with a lot of women?"
Truthfully, the industry is dominated by men. (But I strongly believe that will change in the future) As for now, he works with bunch of male awkward nerds that will gladly rat out any foul play on his part!

8.His Squad:
Seriously, the team connects on such a weird tech, nerdy level...its hilarious. 

9.He hated college:
Honestly, by the time you graduate with a CS degree everything you learned is outdated.

 10.His worst fear is, "Desktop Support." 
Don't get it twisted, its a very noble choice of profession, but a nightmare for IT guys with a dying passion for innovation and the industry. 

11. Even after college there are still certs, lots and lots of certs he wants.
It is never ending. Technology advances, and if you want to stay ahead in the industry...you have to keep up.

12. If it were easy, everyone would do it.
Which is why he works so hard to learn the industry and get as many certs as he can. However, when he does succeed and applys his knowledge, he is greatly rewarded. 

13. The chance to work from HOME totally makes up for the times when he is away. 
These times are rare but awesome!

14. He is low maintenance: 
There's no need to look flashy and dapper 24/7. He probably wears the same close he had when you met. (If they fit) 

He is the most brilliant most, awkward guy you have ever met and THAT is why you love him:

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