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I have discovered a new found love for boxing. I tend to gear towards solo sports, like gymnastics. However, even with compete with a team.

I have never really been the type of person that likes to work with other people. Scratch that, I have never been the kind of person that likes to work with "like-minded" people. I prefer to work with people who have individual qualities and attributes about themselves. For instance my sister! I always tell mom, I am popsicle sticks and my sister is glue. I have the vision and the sister has the resilience and structure.

So back to why I love boxing. (I have a point to all this, I promise!) Boxing is a tough sport. You fight solely for your own merit, constant public humiliation and excruciating pain. I am reminded of the man in the Arena:

The fact of the matter is, boxers deal some pretty traumatic experiences. However, after all the blood they shed, after all the punches they take and after all is said and done...the winner walks out with a large prize for short fight. Greater the risk, the higher the reward. 

In order to face the arena, you have to be ok with humiliation. If you have the ability to let others watch as you take a massive hit and watch as you struggle for strength to grab the side rope. YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Life would be a lot easier if others would apply honesty and humility as a key factor to happiness in life. 

It's human nature to try to cover up mistakes, failures and moments of vulnerability. I can sympathize with that. What disgusts me is watching people cause suffering toward everyone around them. I can't and will not operate like that. I wish that I could tell everyone in my life, "It is possible for someone to live you and still be disappointed at you." 

Like boxing, the man who wins the match is not the one that can deal the hardest punch...Its the man that can take the hardest punch. Thats how I treat people. I judge them not by the mistakes they make, but how they choose to face those mistakes. 

So thats why I love boxing! Be ok with humiliating yourself. The less you worry about others seeing you fail, the happier you will be! 

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