Age 19 - Oh NO!

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This has been a lot of fun! I am remembering so much, and its pretty liberating! Thank goodness for external memory. My mom always tells me its so hard to remember old times! I want to remember everything.

In my LAST post Teen Idle I talked about how I scheduled a "6:30 AM class." Well, here's how it changed my life...

Things Remembered: 
I remember finally mastering all the Beatles songs on my guitar. A singer by the name of Taylor Swift was breaking out into stardom and I thought she was the most OVERRATED, generic singer in the history of mankind. I enjoyed playing video games, made some online friends and would make anti-Taylor Swift videos. I was REALLY serious about how horrible I thought she was...I thought she was just a bad example for girls. Anyway, I had my youtube channel. Men would get creepy and eventually started stalking me, so I had to pull the plug. Sucks. After that, I devoted most of my time on my Dads youtube channel. I guess you could say this was my Media year. I spent a lot of time trying to understand these new media platforms, video blogging and mostly trying to understand pop culture. Despite all the time me and my HS bf spent together that summer, things fizzled down and we called it quits. It was a very easy, understanding break-up. He is an amazing person and still does wonderful things to this day. I wish him the best!

In August, I started my first year of college. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, did my morning jog and headed strait to school. I was so excited for my morning class. I showed up to school, walked up to the classroom door and to my surprise it was LOCKED. I thought, what the heck!!!!! I looked down at my schedule to realize that I had ACTUALLY signed up for a "6:30 PM" class. I was furious! My next class wasn't for another 5 hours! It was going to be damn near impossible to change classes, so I stuck it out! ALL DAY! Hungry, tired, frustrated and an absolute MESS I went to all of my other scheduled classes and finally my 6:30 class. I sat down in front of the door for an hour.

Now, the next hour would change the entire course of my...

I remember drawing sketches for one of my drafting classes. I had a numb butt and wanted the day to be over. Before I knew it I glanced up at a guy. I looked down and started to have this weird feeling come over me that I was "standing in the room with the person I was supposed to marry." WEIRD! I didn't even know this guy. It was soooooo weird.

His name was Graham Johnson.

Of course I figured that out quickly. He was so disinterested in me the first couple of weeks. Heart=Broken. (He claims that he thought I was way too pretty for him and that he would never have a chance) Anyway, I eventually lured him in. lol.

He was the kindest, gentlest person I had ever known. I was absolutely captivated until he said, "I'm Mormon." I felt like THIS.. How could this perfect human be Mormon. I don't even go to church? I don't even know what a Mormon is...I have literally NO frame of reference. Is it contagious? NO! After that, I basically...friend zoned him. Sorry bro. Needless to say, I could NOT shake him off. He was just the most remarkable human I had ever met. We started seeing each-other more and more and were absolutely inseparable.

I FINALLY found a nerd that didn't run away in and cower in fear at the sight of me. It was a

Life Lessons: 
Follow your instincts and don't be closed minded.

What I Wish I knew Then: 
That Graham was going the most perfect thing that had ever happened to me. That everything about the moments leading up to meeting him happened and were part of my destiny! That I should never question, regret or doubt that he should be in my life!

Marina Song:

I chose: OH NO! by Marina and the Diamonds

Why? I started college with a ME mentality and with only one goal in mind. To graduate, make money and become a rich cat lady! However, I should remember that real life has appeal...

"Oh No!"
Don't do love, don't do friends
I'm only after success
Don't need a relationship
I'll never soften my grip

Don't want cash, don't want card
Want it fast, want it hard
Don't need money, don't need fame
I just want to make a change
I just wanna change [5x]

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh

One track mind, one track heart
If I fail, I'll fall apart
Maybe it is all a test
Cause I feel like I'm the worst
So I always act like I'm the best

If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you
TV taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal
It has no appeal [5x]

[Chorus 2x]

I'm gonna live, I'm gonna fly,
I'm gonna fail, I'm gonna die,
I'm gonna live, I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna fail, gonna die, die, die, die

[Chorus 2x]

Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh

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