Texas is the New Silicon Valley

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Subsequently, my parents have had a free way run through their ranch. Now, the high speed railroad is running through two of my dads shops. How funny is that? I would constantly joke about how excited I am about the high speed railroad because I would jab at Graham and say, "Now you can work for Cisco and I won't have to live near Silicon Valley!

We are tech nerds, we love wine and we absolutely love the beaches. But, we hate people. There are A LOT of people in the bay area. 

I came across this Forbes article 5 Cities Poised To Be The Next Silicon Valley Tech Hub . Interesting enough me and Graham have been talking about possibly moving to Texas in the next 10 years, because of all the tech firms and high demand for his field. Currently right now, Graham is working his way up to become a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). I will be over the moon when this happens! Because I believe in him, I support his dreams and watch him better himself every day. 

It's always been something to think about...for the future. But, now that future is coming faster than we have anticipating. Since then we have started doing some research. I always look at everything from an economic standpoint. In the job market, we are a product...and we are out to market ourselves in the best way possible. Supply and demand. So far this is what we have discovered: 

Needless to say, it would be a snowballs chance in hell that I would move to New York/Jersey. (Never say never) But, interestingly enough this (as of now) appears to be the leading locations. 

Now, I am a firm believer of: "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." But, life is about risks and doing what you love. 

I brought this to my mothers attention, she just gets sappy and emotional. LOL. Weirdo. (: She moved from Texas to California for different opportunities. 

Which is why I feel so blessed to have been raised by such a humble, fierce and disciplined woman. A lot of people don't like her attitude...and that's ok. People don't like mine either. But, she gets it done, she is such a fearless inspiration to me. So if I do ever find my way to Texas or some other place....or I never leave my hometown. I always want to know that I took every opportunity to live the best life I can live. 

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