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My big sister and I are nearly 10 years apart. Not ideal, but it has its pros and cons. My sister is always telling me, "Have a baby, have a baby." and I am line......"Uhhhh, NO!"

The other day she confessed that she wants our kids to grow up close. That made me feel pretty guilty about not wanting any. Which I can TOTALLY understand. My brother/cousin was my first best friend, would protect me in the dark and we spent every vacation together. So, I definitely want my kids to experience that dynamic. Me and my niece are more like sisters rather than niece and aunt.

Me and my sister are sooooo different. She is all about balance and logic...I am all about imagination and absurdities. I always make her laugh and she is always my calming spirit. I'm dramatic, she bottles things up. I think we are the perfect balance for each other. The other day at work I squeeled, "YES! I get to see my sister tomorrow." Someone chimed in and asked, "Oh, is she coming from out of town?" I said, "No, she lives near me and I always get excited to spend time with her!"

I haven't done a list in a while. So I feel compelled to create a new one!

Here are 10 things that ring true between me and my sister:

1. When mom calls my sisters phone and she says, "You answer it." 

2. When one of us loses the phone battle and answers it:

3. When she texts me youtube videos of midget fights:

4. When we watch Chris Crocker Videos together:

5. Whenever we piss mom off and she starts having a conniption. 

6. When "Fix It Jesus - By The Canton Spirituals" comes on:

7. When she tells me I can't give the kids Hot Cheetos or coffee. 

8. When she says my nieces/nephews are turning (insert age here). 

9. When we get good news we've been hoping for!

10. "Do you want to go to the gym, get coffee and make fun of people?" 

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