My reaction to everything!

by - 4:53 PM

I have this problem! BIG, problem! I wear my thoughts! Yep, and sometimes it can get me into trouble. My facial expressions do not cooperate with my brain! Almost as if they are involuntary! So, what is a girl to do? Well, here is a guide to my reaction to everything...

1. When my mom starts to lecture me:

2. When someone has the nerve to ask me: "Are you close with your Mother-in-Law?"

3. When the Panera Bread cashier asks me if I want a .99cent pastry!

4. When someone asks me if I think Leonardo DiCaprio is cute:

5.When a drama filled fight breaks out on Facebook:

6. When someone asks me how many pairs of shoes I own:

7. When a girl is CLEARLY dressed slutty out in public:

8. When people over compensate how perfect their life is on Facebook:

9.When I pass a test I didn't study for:

10. When people lecture me on having children:

and countless others......

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