13 Things Childless Couples are Tired of Hearing....

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Hey, there! I have a great share of friends who have kids that are absolutely splendid! Then, there are always these idiots who find it necessary to tell me and/or my husband the most off the wall things. We are actively "planning" for a family. Gasp! Yes, we are! In a few years from now, we will actually start "trying." I really want to feel passionate about having kids. Kids are hard in the BEST of circumstances. Kids, are permanent and should outlive you. It's a huge step that we, look forward too but don't mind waiting. I visit the doctor have my fertility checked, and I know I am in tip top shape. If my doctor felt my "biological clock" was ticking, they would let me know. So as my IT husband would say, "We have all necessary hardware." Too be fair, I also hate when childless couples judge those with children. Sure, there are a plethora of choices people make that I could never see myself doing. However, that is THEIR choice. Everyone is different, everyone's heart, priorities and self worth varies from person to person. So, here is a funny list I have compiled of things me and my husband are tired to death of hearing from dumb people.....

1.You'd better hurry up and give your husband a child before he finds someone who will. 
This one especially pisses me off. Oh, I didn't realize a was mearly a walking uterus to my husband...

2.So when are you guys going to get started?
Uhhh, we have started. We are establishing our careers, saving and preparing...

3.You and your husband make a lot of money, what is holding you back?
Oh, just the fact that it will be a lifetime commitment that will potentially take a mental, emotional and financial toll on us.

4.You'll understand when you're a mom.
Sure, I have never had sleepless nights or parent teacher conferences. However, we aren't different species...

5.Just relax. You'll get pregnant in no time.
Do you really think I am pretending to "wait".

6.It must be nice to have time to read a book/go to the movies/have a romantic dinner.
Yes, yes it is! 

7.I didn't invite you because there will be kids at the party.
I am more ok with that than you think....

8.Have you tried different sex positions/diets/doctors/wearing looser underwear?
I have been married for a couple of years, but I understand that doesn't count for much. Having kids does not make you a sex expert...

9.Is your husband OK with you not wanting kids?
Ohhhh, gosh....

10.You'll change your mind about having kids in a few years.
Yeah, because in a few more years I will have a family....

11.Since you don't have kids, you can afford a new car/remodeling project/vacation.
And I am supposed to feel guilty...why?

12.Now that I have children, my life has true meaning!
Yeah, thank you for confirming to those women who suffer from infertility that they will never know "true meaning".

13.You don't know what real love is.
I do actually, and if in the end it is just me and my husband, that IS real love. 

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  1. ...I seriously love you right now. Not only do childless couples hear this, but a vast majority of this can be applied to singles too.


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