Bio Oil, Sushi and Hair

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I officially love Bio Oil. It is typically used for stretch marks, (I don't have any...for now). However, I LOVE what it has done for my complexion and skin over all! It has seriously changed my life. Yes, it is pretty pricey @$22 dollars a bottle. I am just really careful with it. I actually used it in By accident, actually. I had JUST gotten out of the shower and proceeded to wash my face and do my daily bio oil ritual (face included)! Then I started rubbing/combing through my hair not realizing that I still had oil on my hands. Needless to say, I woke up and my hair felt AMAZING! I literally rubbed the flat iron through my hair in 6 strokes (to get rid of  a few waves) and it felt so lustrous!

It is also nice to leave the house with only eyeliner and feel comfortable! I am all about avoiding make-up as much as possible. I want to take good care of my skin. We young women take our skin for granted and run it through the ringer. 

That was my morning adventure! I got to have lunch with Graham! You know, our virtual dates:

I ordered him new glasses because he could not see anymore. Needless to say he LOVED them! You can actually order glasses online through Zenni Optical that is a very cheap way to order them! Some as cheap as 15 dollars! As long as you have a recent prescription.

I am addicted to Japanese food! I love Miso soup! Mmmmmhmmm!!

Ohana is one of my new favorite places to eat, they have this amazing BOX that has all the things I love most!
Soooooooooo, good! yummy! 

The nights in Ogden are beautiful! The moon was shining bright and the mountains are just amazing! 

Sigh, I am just counting down the days so I can see my husband IN PERSON! It feels like forever and two weeks! ):

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