15 Friends we all Have on Facebook!

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I have a vast amount of "types" of friends on Facebook! I mean really, I range from Mormon Mommy Blogger to Hasn't logged into Facebook ever since he got locked up friends. It is good to have a variety! I can scroll for days and find the funniest things. So, as I looooooove to make lists here is my list here. Here are the friends the EVERYONE has on facebook!

I also want to express my gratitude over the buzz I had for my Blog Things Childless Couples are Tired of Hearing. I love the comments, private messages and watching you all share it! It's nice to know I make people smile or laugh! I am never afraid to say what other people are already thinking. I cannot wait to actually blog about my real life! I love my lists but I will get to see my husband in another week so, I have that going for me! He has a business trip in San Francisco! Guess who gets to spend time with him! That's right! Anyway, back to my list....

15 Friends we all Have on Facebook

1. The Bride
She is getting married and everyone knows it! Ehhh, just let her have her moment! 

2. The Club Kid
The disturbing part, is this is the highlight of their month. Smh..

3. The College Student
Ahhh, they just started their adventure. They have not an ounce of real work experience and really believe they will have a job when they finish...sigh...

4. The Real College Student
Reality has sunk in. They just want to finish and get out already. Instead of posting their study sessions and Starbucks drinks on Instagram, they are desperately scouting for that internship/entry level work. Go get 'em!!!

5. The Traveler
Rome if you want to, but don't flood my newsfeed with 2,309,430,870 of your Vaca! K, cool! 

6. The Mommy
She knows pretty much every home remedy. Her kids are adorable, and you can't help but want to help babysit to give the poor woman a break. How does she do it? Skills! 

7. The New Parents
Sure, their new baby got tons more likes than your new job promotion. You're not bitter at all though!

8. The Passive Aggressive
No matter how vague the post, you know there is some kind of subliminal message...

9. The Embellisher
Their life is sooooo perfect....on Facebook. Remember, some of us know you in real life, and word gets out...

10. The Swan
You haven't seen them in years, and they have transformed...WOW! 

11. The Activist
Support the....NO...

12. The Liberal Douche 
Yes, we all love this guy...

13. The Conservative ('Merica)
Closed minded, does not have a clue....
15. The Baby Mama
Admit it, you secretly love to watch her drama unfold...

16. ME

The list goes on and on! Comment for any you would add!!!

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