Things Real Housewives Can Teach You About Relationships and Friendship

by - 9:14 PM

I digress, I watch the RHOA from time to time. Here is a list of things of arbitrary things you can learn from watching:

  1. 1. Apologizes Are Hard to Get Right

2. What You Think Happened Didn't Really Happen Like That

3. Talking Behind Someone's Back Can Be Catastrophic for a Friendship

4. Excluding People Gets You in Trouble

5. It's Hard to Know Who to Trust

6. Sticking Up for a Friend Sets You Apart As a Person of Character

7. Holding On to an Argument Exhausts Everyone

8. People Just Want to Be Liked

9. Forgiveness Means You Don't Bring It Up Again and Again

10. Vacations Don't Necessarily Bring You Closer

11. Support Your Friend's Dreams No Matter How Stupid You Think They Are

12. Friends Will Only Make Up If They Want To

13. Listening Is an Art

14. Know When to Step Back and Give Someone Else the Spotlight

15. Friendship Is a Delicate Thing, and Can Turn or Even Break On a Moment's Notice

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