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Even 1,000 miles away from each other my husband manages to pull it off! I never really expect him to do anything for me. He works hard, really? What more could I ask for!? Unfortunately, we had to spend Valentines Day AND My Birthday apart! I was melancholy Valentines Day. I had a HORRIBLE cold, I worked overtime and had to catch a plane the next day. I would have rather done just about anything then jump on a plane. I knew it would be worth it to see him. So, I worked my overtime, and headed to the airport once my Saturday shift was over. Come to find my flight was DELAAAAAAAAAYYD! Uggggggg! The worst! I had this gut wrenching feeling I would miss my connecting flight as a result of the delay.

Soon as my flight touched down in San Francisco, I knew...My connecting flight was gone. I bawled like a baby, and kept thinking, "I just wan't to see my Husband." Thankfully, I am pretty much a pro at every airport West of the United States. I called Graham and told him to meet me in San Jose, Ca. My devoted, loving man drove through Pacheco pass in the pouring rain! If that wasn't scary enough, my phone was DEAD! DEAD! Luckily I brought my Mac and Google happens to give FREE wifi in Mountain View, so I had a small window to message him on Facebook. Soon, as my train arrived I flagged down a taxi to take me to the nearest Starbucks. I was able to Facetime him and let him know I was OK. I patiently waited in the rain, and he was able to locate me. He burst out of the truck and took me into his arms. I swear, every bit of emotion possible surged through me in that moment. We made it back home at around 1 in the morning. It was an exhausting night, but my husband awoke me the next morning with the whole 9 yards! I am so blessed to be with him.

The next day, was overwhelming. He did just about everything in his power to make me feel so special and appreciated. I got to taste our wedding cake all over again! When we arrived at the restaurant there were hearts spread all over the table. It was so lovely! The taste of our cake brought so much nostalgia! I remember taking a piece home after our wedding and eating it in bed just being as silly as we could be.

We talked about how truly blessed we are to have the life we have together. I can go on forever, how much we compliment each other. We share a vision and I am so blessed to have that. I feel like years are flying buy with a blink of an eye! We have so much to look forward to, we are just experiencing the tip of the iceberg.


Seeing that, is the hardest moment for me. Having to leave him. Many have had a lot to say about my travels. However, it is a small sacrifice to make to secure our future. For our kids, for so many goals we want to accomplish. I am at a place in my life, I frankly didn't envision I would be at my age. I'm grateful everyday for it!

Glad I had Martha to keep me company! 

Then of course when I got to Utah. My husband pulled a fast one, and had flowers delivered to my office! Amazing, I always smile when I walk in and look over at them! So beautiful! 

I normally don't share things my husband does for me, but it's been rough being away from him. So, I want to document our adventure! I find myself on Pinterest picking recipes because I can't wait to cook for him again! I miss that so much! Not as much as I miss his hugs and kisses! 

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