Signs You Fly Too Much...

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It occurred to me that I am actually spending a weekend in Ogden and not in an airport. I never thought I would have to fly so much in my entire life. I have been compiling a funny list of the things I have come accustomed to from flying so much....If you fly a lot you will find this funny! (:

Signs you fly too much:

  1. You refer to cities by their airport code.
  2. You may not know the balance of your checking account, but you know your airline frequent miles account balance – both RDM andEQM
  3. You catch any mistakes in the pre-flight safety announcement made by the Flight Attendant
  4. You know which airline flies out of which gate at your home airport
  5. You know which airline flies out of which gate at an airport other than your home airport
  6. You know at least one Gate Agent, one Flight Attendant and one Pilot by name. 
  7. You recommend restaurants to friends that are in airports. Modern Burger is my favorite in PHX!
  8. You have traveled cities many times, but never actually "been" there. 
  9. You can have lengthy in depth conversations with complete strangers. 
  10. You want to have a nervous break down when you find out there is a last minute gate change. 
  11. When you have to fly United:
  12. There is always that one person going on and on about how they normally fly First Class, and how terrible it is for them to have to fly coach. 
  13. When your flight is Delayed....
  14. How the flight attendants treat you when you miss your connecting flight due to a delay:
  15. When the people behind you have their on flight liquor fest and being to get rowdy.
  16. Know that at the end of the day, the person you love is waiting for you outside the gate. Making it all worth it:

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