Mommy, Why is There a Server in The House?

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I get so excited when I think about what an amazing Father my husband will be. That is really the joy of getting married. Entering into the unknown, building a life and looking forward to all the moments we have to cherish in the future! One thing is for certain, my kids will be tech nerds.

So, dear kids! You don't know us yet, but daddy works for an IP Convergence company. Honestly, Mommy has no clue what Daddy actually does for a living. All I know is that he gets excited over a lot of computer mumbo jumbo! Mommy works too. My job isn't as cool as Daddy's is, I work for the tax man. It's ok, Mommy actually loves her job!

So, why am I writing you kids this? Well, one day you will notice something special about the house you live in. We hope one day you will ask daddy what it is. Why? Daddy would love to explain this special piece of hardware that makes him happy! There is even a book that is written about it! Mommy bought it off the internet! At the time it was worth almost $1,000.00. However, Mommy was able to buy one from a nice Professor in Silicon Valley for only $56.00!

Yes, I look forward to my tech nerd husband sitting down and reading this to our kids. For now, Graham keeps it in his office. Amongst other things...

That book is so funny, and all of his coworkers loved it! It is nice to find something cute like that. Sigh, of course I look forward to starting a family. That's of course in the future. I love enjoying our time as just me and him. Yet, we have a ton of things to share with our kids, and it especially makes me excited when I see how happy it makes my husband. 

Here is a Youtube video of the book! 

I also have no idea why this book goes for 999.63 on Amazon???

Mommy Why is There a Server in the House? 

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