Hey there, Delilah what's it like in Ogden, Utah?

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Remember that STUPID song that was on the radio FOREVER! "Hey there, Delilah", was the single most ANNOYING song on the planet to me. Recently, I heard in on my Spotify radio! I really listened to the lyrics and it hit home hard.

The lyric that really hit home...

Needless to say, I never used to like that song at all. Me and Graham had plans to move to Utah, and I never expected him to land this amazing job he has in California. However, my husband is not one to make me quit on something I want to do. Therefore, we are both making a sacrifice so that I can pursue the job and promotion potential it has. I really love my job! I help people everyday. People who may be on the verge of losing their home, elderly who lost their spouse and giving people a piece of mind. I am learning so much about Tax law, and I know in the long run all of the technical skills I am learning will be so worth it. I also love my coworkers! Turns out when you are 1,000 miles away from everything and everyone you know, it helps to open up to other people! I am building genuine friendships, and I love it! 

Like the lyrics of that song, I would walk to Graham if I had to, thankfully I don't have to. We met half way in Vegas! As I was boarding the plane to Las Vegas, I received a call to report back to my old job. Which meant I could end my training in Utah and go back home. It was tempting, but when my trainers and leads told me how well I was doing, I couldn't imagine tripping at the finish line. Like I mentioned before, I really love my job. I thought long and hard and let Graham know that I was staying, he of course agreed 100%. Graham travels quite a bit for his job. In fact, working 40 hours is the absolute minimum, and he works insane amounts of overtime. Every time I call him he is in some part of California. I'm really proud of him, he works hard, he is so dynamic and just flat out good at what he does. I know it may seem like I am "bragging", but lets be real. I NEVER toot my husbands horn, especially on Facebook. If I were anything like the annoying women that go on and on and on, you would see that my husband an exceptional man. I get tired of trying to hold back on things, feel embarrassed or afraid of what other people will think if I say good things about him. I always tell my husband it is easier for other people to just think I am an asshole. Why? I feel like the less people know about my life the better. You know what? Today is not one of those days. I married a remarkable man, who is not only hard working but kind. My husband has more compassion for things than I ever will in my entire life. 
We had a wonderful trip in Vegas. I always loose my mind counting down the seconds to see him! 
It was a packed flight, did you know the plane has a map you can trace your flight with?
It is always hard to think of how far away I am from my husband, but it has been an amazing experience for both of us. He has been able to take on different projects and focus on them, and I have learned how to make friends. It has been great! Our relationship has an even stronger foundation, and we have worked hard to build that. I would go as far to say that this adventure has made almost every aspect of our relationship better. (That is just us, everyone is different.)

We stayed at the Bellagio!
It was beautiful, and such a great place to spend some time together! There was a large chocolate fountain that we LOVED!

And I love anything that sparkles...

We spend on of our nights on a spectacular helicopter ride over the Las Vegas strip! 
They picked us up at our hotel, which was nice because we hate driving around Vegas...
That brought us to our helicopter!

We had an awesome time, and an awesome view! 

We have a video that you can see on my Instagram account! One thing off of our bucket list! 

Miss you Graham, see you soon! At least we have forever! 

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