Distance Makes the Heart Grow...Independent.

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Nine times out of ten, when I tell people about my lengthy adventure in Utah, the response is always, "Distance makes the heart grown...fonder." Me being the person that I am, I googled the definition.

fond 1  (fnd)
adj. fond·erfond·est
1. Having a strong liking, inclination, or affection: fond of ballet; fond of my nieces and nephews.
2. Affectionate; tender: a fond embrace.
3. Immoderately affectionate or indulgent; doting: fond grandparents who tended to spoil the child.
4. Cherished; dear: my fondest hopes.
5. Archaic Naively credulous or foolish

Am I more fond of my husband? To put it simple, no.

I am however more fond of myself. I enjoy my own company, I enjoy ME time. We all know that in order to love someone else, you MUST love yourself. I firmly believe I have grown fonder of myself, being 1000 miles away from my husband. Now I know what you are thinking, I must be the most self absorbed person in the world right now. Not true, Kim Kardashian is! Seriously, I have a point I promise! So how has this helped my relationship with my husband?  Over time, I believe that we as humans tend to convince ourselves that ourspouses/significant others are these living and breathing mechanism that absorb all of your love, sadness and stress. We may do this to them with out realizing this and perhaps they behave the same as well. 

In being away from my spouse, I have learned to channel my own fears, feel my own love, and handle my own stresses. My heart is now independent. How is this good for my relationship? I no longer look at my spouse in the light of what he can do for me today, what can he say to make me feel better or how he can make ME better. Step out of the box and see the wonder of the remarkable person you get to SHARE your life with. Now that is not to say that your spouse shouldn't make you feel good, and that you shouldn't let your stresses out to the person that means the most to you. My point is, you share those moments because you can, not because you NEED to. 

Every moment I spend with my husband are sheer bliss, and I now know what it means to have a "better half." The smallest, most routine glances, gestures and exchanges of affection awaken my soul. It is amazing how we become so desinsitized to the wonder that love is. 

Often times we are told to enjoy things, before they are gone. If anyone believes that love is a fleeting thing, then perhaps they need to reevaluate things. True love, never leaves you. Distance, anger, confusion and not even death will ever take away the love you share with someone. I am blessed Graham loves me the way that he does! We have been together for nearly 5 years, and I still cannot wrap my head around what a blink of an eye those years have been. I am finding myself trying to savor every moment we have together, because they are such a privilege. 

The other day, I went to the Megaplex to see a movie. It was a love story of course. A woman nearly 40 years my senior noticed that I was alone. She approached to me and said, "These love stories really hit you in the gut, why do they get to be so "Lucky." I smiled a little smugly. I don't think people understand that your "love story" does not have to be over the top! It just has to be real! 

Me and Graham spent a very romantic morning at La Caille. This scenery is beyond romantic! 

We toured the grounds and I could not help but notice what a fairytale I live being married to my husband. I would give just about anything to smell him and hold his hand right now. Seeing him is the hardest part of being away. When he visits, I have to face what I am missing out on everyday. It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden change of direction. You get the point...

So we will continue on with our amazing journey together....

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  1. Beautiful story! Love you both and your fairytale love story.


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