41 Things to Do Before You Have a Baby

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Before you burn your keyboards with the common lectures I am given all the time:

  1. You will never know true happiness until you have a child.
  2. Children make your life worth living.
  3. Don't wait too long, or you won't be able to have one.
  4. Your body won't bounce back if you wait too long.

See, what I wish people understood, is that I am well aware of those things! Before I would try to get "advice" from everyone and see if perhaps I am doing something wrong. Instead, I now know that it is not advice I seek, it is perspective...

That being said, I have talked to many people who are young parents and swear that that is the best alternative. On the other hand I have been told...WAIT...WAIT...WAIT. So I finally realized that neither is better than the other. Because guess what? We are all different people. What works for others may not work for me. I married very...very...very...young. Now, lets be clear! I never ever, ever, ever wanted to get married. It happened, I got married and young. You know what? There have been A LOT of wonderful perks to being married young. Do I go around recommending that everyone get married young, absolutely NOT! Once again, we are all different people....

Which brings me to the list. These are a list of things to do before you bring a bundle of joy to the world. Now, if you have children and you are reading this, please do not think that I am putting your choice down. We are all different people...

But, if you are like me and want to wait here is a great list of things to do......Click on the link! (Aunie M sent this to me)

So there you go, If you have 5 kids already! Great! Be proud you chose the path that YOU wanted. I will be happy with the path that me and my husband choose! I mean really, we are going to be the single most awesome parents in the world. I just want to be passionate about bringing a child into the world. I am unfocused, I can't even remember to turn my flat iron off. Lets all support each others choices and not bring another down because it may be different from your choice! 

I always tell people,  they will never know the benefits of waiting unless they wait. You will also never know the benefits of not waiting unless you don't wait. So, how I see it, is neither side should tell the other one side is better. There is no possible way of knowing. In economics we have what is called "Opportunity Cost."

Definition of 'Opportunity Cost'

The cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.

My point is that one side always forgoes the other alternative. 

So sorry everyone, we are not actively trying for a baby. We won't be for a while. Until then, It will be a big deal when me and Graham finally do have one. It will be a long wait though. (:

So, I encourage you to start a family on YOUR terms the way YOU want. There is no magic age for anything. It's about getting maximum satisfaction out of life! 

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