Working moms have it easy!

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I feel as though I get a lot of shade thrown at me, when I say that I want to be a Working Mom someday. Yes, I don't have kids yet. I don't know anything, my argument is invalid. I would never ever say that a stay at home mom is Lazy, Stupid or anything of that nature. However, I feel that when I say "No, I don't want to be a stay at home mom, I want to work." I get this sour look from some people. Then I get this long passive aggressive speech basically implying that I would be an unfit mother, selfish and greedy. Time OUT! Why in anyway would that be appropriate to say to someone? I read these blogs constantly about how being a stay at home mom is soooooo hard and your job is never done. Are we under the impression that working moms go to work 8am to 5pm and come home have a martini and never acknowledge their child's presence? These mom blogs are weird. Yes, absolutely we should give credit to the jobs moms do! ALL MOMS! Under any given circumstances, being a mom is HARD. The same work has to be done. I may not be a mom, but I had a mom. I have never known a more involved mother to date.

My mom worked full-time while I was growing up. I cant count the amount of times she was up all night altering my cheer uniform. I was always complimented on how white my cheer shoes were as my mom would HAND WASH them! I can't count the amount of times my mom took me to gymnastics and waited their all 8 hours a week. I cant count the amount of times my mom bought hundreds of sworvaski crystals and altered my prom dresses so no one would have the same one as me. I can't count the amount of lunch breaks she missed to make sure I got home safely. I can't count the amount of times she was chewed out and written up by her supervisor for having to leave early because of me. I cant count the amount of times she attended every football game, competition (band and cheer) and performance. I could go on forever. She was my biggest fan. She was definitely involved in MY life.

Im not saying that one is easier than the other. There is no comparison. Moms have to make different sacrifices for their children. My point ladies and gentleman is give ALL mothers credit for the work they do for their children!

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