Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman

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I was always a cynical brat growing up. When I would hear women say that, I would roll my eyes. Really? I always took it as a woman taking credit for her mans success. Almost as if she was implying, "I do it ALL!" "I am the master mind!" I will be honest...I didn't get it. I absolutely love the movie Ratatouille. When the bitter and cynical chef proclaims his hatred for the Gusteau's phrase/book, "Anyone can cook." Of course later, he realized that what he thought it meant was far from the truth. 

I NOW understand what that means. No, it is not a woman taking credit for her spouses accomplishments. I came across an article "Who you marry matters." I read it and thought, WOW! I know my spouse is beyond anything I could have asked for. Then I thought to look at myself. Was I doing my part? Lets be honest, a good lover/partner will always want to give more. Of course there are things I could improve on. There are many couples I admire from church, relatives or even celebrities. Why do I admire them? They work hard! They have in amazing relationship and GENUINE true honest to god....LOVE!

So back to "Who you marry matters!" There are some couples I admire, and some couples I feel for. I am not judging, we have choices in life and total control over them. My point is that a marriage can work, and still not be successful. By success I don't mean money, I mean genuine happiness and spiritual success. Some couples have this glow about them. Of course they argue, of course they have problems, and no they aren't perfect. There is a fundamental difference in their well being though. They compliment each other, they are what me and Graham call...A POWER COUPLE! They have personal dreams and they somehow make it to the finish line. 

It is important to be a good wife, and it is important to be a good husband. One cannot pull the weight for the other. Truly becoming one means becoming a team player and taking a few punches for the other (I do not condone domestic violence, this is figurative). Sacrifice and selflessness is the ingredient for true love and success. If you don't raise your spouse up, and if your spouse does not raise you up, you will not go very far. I want to be a good team player and be the one that has my husbands back. There may come a time when no one else will have your back or his. The comfort in know that you have someone on your Team is invaluable. I will root him on the sidelines! I don't take credit for his accomplishment, but I know I am his biggest cheerleader! 

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