I know I don't deserve the life I have...

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But, I humbly accept....

So some pretty incredible things have been happening. First and foremost, my husband scored an amazing job! I mean...amazing! It's such a far cry from our IRS days, I thought we had it great already and that we were doing just fine, then suddenly...surprise! He has always kept his heart in the right place and works so hard, this is so well deserved for him! After some pretty sad moments with my father, my whole family is pushing through and things are turning out to be even than they ever were before. Im at a place in my life where, I honestly feel like I could not find something to complain about even if I tried really hard. I want to be a person that is fully aware of my blessings and want to take a moment to take it all in and know what I have before its gone.

After our crazy work schedules we actually got a the chance to take a vacation. One day I was in such a down mood...just down. My husband asks me what is wrong and after all the stress that I had been dealing with I simply replied, "I need something to bring up my spirits." To which he replies, "How about something to lift you?" Then...
My sweetheart bought us Hot Air ballon ride tickets! It was so so so sweet! Something I had always wanted to do and so neat! I was thrilled and excited! We had no idea when we were going to have time or where, but we knew it would happen!.

A couple of things I learned about Hot Air Ballooning:
1. Best time to do it is around FIVE in the morning!
2.It's HOT! (Stupid I know, but it is HOT)
3. It's so calm.

I like this picture for two reasons! You can see the sunset in my glasses and you can see our little Fiat in the background! Oh yes, laugh at my Fiat, but it took just over half a tank to get to San Diego! I love that car! That car also only takes, 35 bucks to fill up! Let that sink in for a second! (:

I know, these views are amazing!!!! Now if you take a look at these homes below, our pilot is pretty sure one belongs to a drug dealer. Whahahaha! That's a little scary! 

All this took place in Temecula, California. I love it here and its such a quite beautiful place! We were so sad when it was over but had many other big plans ahead of us!

We coped with dessert! Yummy!!!

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