Key to Success

by - 8:50 AM

A lot of young adults my age are chasing that validation in life. Success varies from person. I always tell myself, "There is someone happy with less than what I have." When I speak of success, I am not referring to only monetary success. In my very, very, small taste of adult life and examining my elders, I have asked myself the same question over and over again. What makes them so successful? The answer is so simple.

Do good and be good!

I have found that those who live such a wonderful blessed life are those who have done good. Do good and good will come following right around the corner. I have seen it happen right before my eyes.  I want to strive to be the best person I can be, I want to be a good person. Now does this make me immune to bad? Absolutely, not. However, it makes me worthy of blessings. We have total control over our lives. People say "things happen for a reason." Well, sometimes that reason depends on whether you have done good or bad in your life. I don't think god "picks on" people. There are those problems that are completely out of our hands. I do believe that when those times come, when one has done good, you will be blessed with so much to ease that pain.

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