Hire a Videographer! Please!

by - 10:17 PM

Sadly, many brides today don't hire videographers. ): This breaks my heart. It's almost amazing how we spend so long dreaming for the day to come. I'm telling you right now, it goes by with a blink of an eye. The day (or in my case, days) flashed by so fast, you don't even know what hit you. The day after all was said and done, I could not believe with in, what felt like seconds, it was over. ): We spend most of the day stressed and frazzled striving to make it perfect, but really? What the heck just happened? So far the one thing I have turned to almost everyday is my wedding video! The first time I watched it was like an, out of body experience. I got to see all the emotion, the happiness, the detail and best of all? I get to watch it over and over again! It is tough being a bride in this economy! (That awkward moment for me when it was far more cost effective to marry 2 states away) However, with technology today you would be surprised as to how many rock star videographers you can find for hire for less than a pretty penny! So if you are planning a wedding at this very moment, please move a Videographer just a tad bit upward on your priority list! Pointe Digital captured my fairytale! (:

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