Back to the Future! I mean (reality)....

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For those of you who know us well, we are the workaholic couple that works, works, goes to school and works. After months of sleeping in the car on weekends rather than going home after an 11 hour shift just to do it all over again in four hours. Life passes you by. Thankfully it was is time for a vacation! YAY! It felt great to take a load off! Now don't get it twisted, I am still CHEAP! I hate crowds and I am a hermit. Don't get it twisted, I am NOT SHY! My idea of a good time is AWAY from people. So we went to L.A. HAHAHA!

Ehhh, considering we got this hotel with the most refreshing pool EVER! It was worth the LA traffic! Not to mention it was 65% off! Thank's Hotwire!

We decided to scope around for day one and visit Ripley's! It was pretty awesome! Had a good time for many reasons!

Tallest man on earth with the most Perfect Man on earth! Yes! 

My other love made of rubiks cubes!
 This is us, in the club!

I swear you get flipped off for just about anything driving on the 101!
 Believe it or Not!
Yes, I was actually there...
 If I could take a picture next to darth vader I would be sooooo happy!
 Does R2D2 get put back together! Yes, yes he does!

Days two and three consisted of awesomeness! 
I am not ever taking my kids to Disneyland! Nope, Universal Studios is what's up! Real magic happens here! I got spit on, shook up, visited crusty land, watched King Kong fight a T-rex! DOPE! I will so be visiting again on the off season! If you have never been, out it on your "to do list". This place is so amazing!

 What we really came to see!! 
 Are you in good hands?
 Seems legit...

What is left of the original set of the GRINCH!

Bates Motel.....AHHHHHHHH!
 War of the Worlds
 Now, who is this fool?

Graham, being Graham!
 Yes, we visited DULOC! SHREK!!!!
 Whoever this guy is!
 Bumble bee!
 Water World!
 Hill Valley without the clock tower! OMG OMG OMG!!
 Oh gosh...
 Biffs Car!!

 Won the academy award for BEST WIFE! (According to Graham)

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